WMD/CBRNE Programs

Introduction to Weapons of Mass Destruction
This is ETC’s introduction program to WMD. Includes lecture and videos and serves as an alternative to the NJSP program.

WMD/CBRNE Awareness
The NJSP program, and introduction to WMD.

WMD/CBRNE Operations
Continuation of the NJSP WMD program.

Anthrax as a Biological Weapon
The anthrax attacks of 2001 brought this obscure disease into the limelight.  What is anthrax and where does it come from?

Smallpox as a Biological Weapon
The question as to the need for vaccination has brought this disease back into the press.  We will discuss the history of smallpox and the threat to us today.

Overview of Nerve Agents
A discussion of what nerve agents are and how they work.  The Tokyo Sarin attack by Aum Shinrikyo is reviewed, as well as how these agents could be used in agriculture and exposure could result from a non-terrorism incident.

Haz-Mat/WMD Modules

Respiratory Protection Training Module
This program covers the OSHA/PEOSH regulations regarding the use of Respiratory Protection, ranging from simple filtration masks to Supplied Air and SCBA.

Patient Decontamination Module
This program is a practical evolution in victim decontamination.

Mass Casualty Decon Module
The decontamination of large numbers of victims is different from the routine decontamination of 2-3 victims.  This practical evolution will demonstrate several techniques to the provider.