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Overdoses and Naloxone

I have been treating heroin overdoses for over 25 years. I remember my first few in the projects of Atlantic City. At that time, people would overdose in their homes and someone would call 911 and then usually run away. We would find a patient cyanotic with agonal breathing. BLS would ventilate, ALS would give …


Recently one of my agencies asked me about CBD – what is it and what are its effects and implications for EMS? I realized this is probably a good topic to review overall since it is changing so quickly. But first, lets start at the beginning – with marijuana, more appropriately known as Cannabis Cannabis …

Nursing Homes and Power of Attorney

Over the years as an EMS Medical Director, one of the most common command calls I get revolves around nursing homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities (SNF). This might involve the use of a 911 ambulance for an apparent non-emergent issue, the patient refusing transport and the SNF demanding transport, or a family member …

OEMS Listening Session Summary

New Jersey is in the process of updating the regulations governing Emergency Medical Services. This is long overdue. One key thing is to remove all the clinical medicine from the regulation so it can be changed as fast as medicine changes. In the past OEMS would publish drafts of changes for comment. But their lawyers …

Mapping the NJ ABC Refresher to National Registry National Topics

So as more and more NJ EMTs get their National Registry certification (which you should all keep and maintain as it may be required in the future), the question arises how to use the ABC refresher credits. The new way to recertify your National Registry is called the NCCP. Here are the required hours and …

Alcohol Prep pads for Nausea

It sounds crazy, but recent studies have shown that sniffing alcohol prep pads works as a treatment for nausea. My NJ protocols include it as an option. Read this for more information:

Open Refresher Spots

Ok we have a few open Refresher Spots for the rest of the year. Go to our website, to register. 10/21 A at Fair Haven FAS 10/22-23 B at Green Bank, evenings 11/4 C at Fair Haven FAS 11/10 B at Longport FD 11/11 C at Longport FD 12/6-9 A/B/C at Monroe EMS (Gloucester)

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Mechanical CPR Failure

One reason we may not have seen a benefit to mechanical CPR: