Rescue Programs

New Vehicle Technology (3)
This newly updated class provides information on new vehicles, especially hybrids, and other vehicles run on alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen fuel cells, CNG, LP.  New airbags such as knee and curtain systems are covered.  Implications for the emergency responder are discussed.

Introduction to Technical Rescue (3)

Provides the initial baseline training of the new NFPA Technical Rescue guidelines.  The administrative aspects of the guidelines are reviewed, as well as safety aspects.  The concept of Awareness, Operations and Technician levels is explained and the various disciplines (Water, Vehicle, Trench, Collapse, Wilderness, Rope) are outlined.

Confined Space Awareness (4)
Introduces the emergency responder to confined spaces, which exist in every community.  The responder learns to identify these spaces, and take defensive action to prevent responder injury.

Structural Collapse Awareness (4)

This class prepares the student for participating in activities at a structural collapse from an awareness perspective.  An explanation of how searches are conducted and the warning signs of a collapse are included.

Trench Rescue Awareness (2)
EMS responders may be the first on scene of a trench collapse.  This class discusses how a trench collapse occurs and the actions the first in unit can do to improve scene safety.