Operations Programs

Crime Scene Awareness and Patient Restraint
Training on avoiding pitfalls at crime scenes.  Emphasis on staff safety and evidence preservation is included.  Additional information on the restraint of violent patients.

EMS Documentation
Training on the proper completion of the EMS report.  Includes various different styles including CHARTE and SOAP.  Refusals of care and mass casualty documentation are included.

Emergency Services Rehabilitation
EMS often responds to calls where the responders are physically active on scene.  More firefighters die each year from cardiovascular disease than from fires.  This class discusses EMS activities on scene of fires and similar calls.

Fundamentals of Triage
Triage:  French for ‘to sort’.  The concept includes the triage of multiple patients for treatment order, the triage of patients to particular hospitals, and the triage of patients to BLS for transport.  This class explores each of these concepts including the scientific basis for each of them.  We review START, Sacco, JumpSTART, and MASS triage methods.  Is one method better?  Attend this class and find out.  The NJ Triage tag will also be reviewed.

ICS 100
This is a classroom presentation of ICS 100 – Introduction to the Incident Command System

Mass Casualty Management
This class, designed by ETC, offers a refresher and overview of the incident command system in the first half, and then covers several local and national case studies of incidents that resulted in large numbers of casualties such as train crashes, shootings and bus crashes.  Good as a refresher or supplement to other ICS training.

Mass Gathering Medicine/Special Event Operations
This program discusses EMS coverage at mass gatherings (>1000 persons) including sports events, concerts and religious gathering.  Preplanning is covered in detail, as well as on scene operations.

NIMS 700
This program provides the mandatory training on the National Incident Management System.  Although this program can be completed online with FEMA, many students have difficulty doing so, especially with the exam.  This program can be completed on a regular drill night to ensure all staff members receive the training.  Required for any agency that desires grant money from the government.