National Registry NCCP

Are you a National Registry provider?

Applicable to all those renewing in March 2019, ALL NR providers in all states will have to use the new NCCP model of recertification. Full details can be found at their site,

Here is the break down of required hours:

Online education is now called “Distributive Education.” All of the Individual credits above can be DE, the limit for medics is 10 out of 30 National hours and 10 out of 15 Local can be DE and for EMTs 7/20 National and 7/10 Local can be DE.

Unless your state or region requires certain topics, then the local and individual hours are all elective.

For National topics, this applies:

Many of these topics are obscure so be careful picking which topics to use your DE on. If your agency has a lot of NR staff, contact me about setting up classes to cover some of these topics. I will post here approved sites that cover some if these topics as well.

Contact me with any questions.