Medical Direction for New Jersey Agencies

Historically Dr. Lavelle has provided active medical direction to several New Jersey EMS agencies with a dedicated amount of “in-station” time every month.  This dedicated time was important to the agency in an attempt to improve patient care and the education of the staff.  However, with the loss of the training fund, and with the economic situation facing every emergency service agency, this ideal aspect of medical direction may not be financially possible. With this in mind, Emergency Training and Consulting has different options for medical direction.

BLS Medical Direction
Our Medical Direction program includes two meetings or classes with Dr. Lavelle per year for mandatory topics, QA review, etc. Medical Direction is provided personally and solely by Dr. Ken Lavelle, a former EMT and paramedic who is acutely familiar with the challenges of NJ Fire and EMS agencies. This program includes:

  • Medical Direction by Dr. Ken Lavelle, who has over 30years of experience in NJ EMS starting as an EMT, firefighter, paramedic, EMS Chief and Medical Director
  • Oversight of Narcan, CPAP, ASA, EpiPen and other programs as approved by OEMS
  •  Availability of Dr. Lavelle by phone and email for questions and issues that may arise
  • Chart review for quality improvement purposes with feedback to staff (if electronic charting system with remote access is utilized)
  • Periodic Medical Director Update newsletters to all staff members on current EMS issues
  • One to two meetings or update sessions per year with your staff
  • Representation of the agency to local MICU, state OEMS and other public safety and medical entities as necessary
  • A set of BLS EMS Protocols, based on old NJ protocols and updated by Dr. Lavelle
  • Dr. Lavelle’s comprehensive set of progressive BLS protocols, including concepts such as pit crew CPR and diminished use of longboards.
  • Members of squads that utilize Dr. Lavelle for medical direction can attend classes that are 2 CEUs at any other medical direction site for free, space permitting.

New Jersey Interfacility Medical Direction
Dr. Lavelle can provide affordable medical oversight for companies performing interfacility transportation.  This includes quality improvement review of charts, Medical Director Update newsletters and availability for phone and email follow-up regarding questions, issues and complaints.  Rates for both BLS and SCTU are available.  For SCTU, we can assist in a limited amount of training and protocol development.

Fire Department QRS/First Response
Non-transporting fire departments that routinely respond to EMS calls are inherently an EMS agency, and should have medical oversight just like ambulance services.  We can offer this level of support at a special affordable rate.  Contact us for more information.

If you are interested in Medical Direction, or have any questions, please contact us.